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Crazy Corn

Food trucks and street food are all the rage in Atlanta . Crazy Corn is straight from the streets of Mexico and it’s easy to make.  Grilling corn brings out the natural sugars and the flavor is amazing.  Try adding some Mexican street toppings.  To die for.

This would be perfect for a 4th of July barbecue or any time this summer when corn is plentiful and at its peak.  This recipe was featured on the Today Show.

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Poblano,Potato,and Corn Gratin

This one’s creamy and cheesy like a gratin should be but it’s got extra flavor and a kick from sauteed Poblano Peppers.  Serve this with any Mexican dish or alongside grilled shrimp, chicken or beef.  I’m a major fan of all the starches so of course I love a recipe that has Potatoes AND Corn!

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