Cupid’s Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

What’s Valentines Day without a little chocolate?  And what’s a little chocolate without a little champagne?  Go ahead, indulge yourself; count it as one of your fruit servings for the day.

Whether you eat out or stay in, make these for your Valentine and you’ll make someone very happy.    They’re perfect for any occasion and  look extra special served on a silver tray.  If you’re passing them around though, they probably won’t make it very far across the room.

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Highlands Bar and Grill Pimento Cheese

This is the Pimento Cheese I crave and the one I make over and over again. What makes it so good?  Using fresh roasted red peppers  instead of  chopped red peppers from a jar. It makes a huge difference in the taste and bumps it up to a whole new level.

The recipe calls for homemade mayonnaise but since that’s never worked for me,  I use Hellman’s and  love the results.  Serve this as an appetizer with crackers or make the best sandwich ever using the fluffiest white bread you can find.  It’s to die for.

This recipe is from Frank Stitt, a famous Southern Chef who features this in his restaurant Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham, AL. and his cookbook, Southern Table.

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How to Make Banana Bread

Making banana bread is easy.  Waiting on it to come out of the oven is hard. Crusty on the outside and moist and flavorful inside, this recipe is sure to become one of your favorites. It also tastes great if you add fresh blueberries, chocolate chips or chopped nuts.

Start with some ripe bananas.  I like to use them before they get too dark and mushy.

These are the basic ingredients and it’s so easy to make.

The mixed batter ready to be popped into the oven.

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Cincinnati Chili 5 Ways

What makes Cincinnati chili taste so great?  Some might say it’s the special seasonings and a secret ingredient.  Others might say it’s the special way it’s served; 1,2,3,4, or 5 different ways.

1 Way…Plain Ol’ Chili
2 Way…Pasta with Chili
3 Way…Pasta, Chili and Cheddar Cheese
4 Way…Pasta, Chili, Cheddar Cheese and Red Kidney Beans
5 Way…Pasta, Chili, Cheddar Cheese, Beans, and Onions

Make some up to enjoy now or put some in the freezer to enjoy later.  You can also use this to make a great appetizer, Cincinnati Chili Dip. Check it out on my blog.

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Pleasant Peasant Shrimp and Grits

Remember the wonderful Peasant Restaurants that were so popular in Atlanta? Each one had a signature bread and decadent dessert that they were known for. One of the restaurants served fried rolls that melted in your mouth like a HOT NOW Krispy Kreme doughnut.  Divine.  No butter needed.

If you have any of their recipes, feel free to pass them on because they were all wonderful, especially the desserts.

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Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Loaded.  That’s the way I like my baked potatoes and that’s why Loaded Baked Potato Soup is one of my all time favorite soups.  Topped with crunchy bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and chopped green onions; it’s perfect this time of year when you want something warm, satisfying, and easy to make. Once you try this, I bet it will become one of your favorites too.

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Holiday Marshmallows and Homemade Hot Chocolate

Big fluffy marshmallows dipped in melted dark chocolate and dipped again in holiday sprinkles are the perfect topper for a cup of  Homemade Hot Chocolate.  Cypress greenery and silver ribbon complete the festive holiday look that’s perfect for any party.  Make these again for Valentines Day using red or pink ribbon and heart-shaped sprinkles.  These adorable and delicious marshmallows would also be great served all by themselves.

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