Chocolate Pink Cupcake Contest

Can you spot the winner?  Recently the Atlanta Food Bloggers were invited to judge a cupcake contest at Chocolate Pink, an Atlanta boutique dessert cafe.  Maybe you’ve seen this super cute place on the Real Housewives of Atlanta when one of the ladies booked the party room upstairs for her daughter’s birthday.  We didn’t have nearly the drama, but we had a great time sampling their spectacular cupcakes and deciding which ones we liked best.

Eight cupcakes were judged in five different categories and one cupcake won three out of the five awards!   Chocolate Peanut Butter was the big winner mostly because it tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup but in cupcake speak, it was a moist peanut butter cupcake topped with two frostings, chocolate ganache and peanut butter butter cream garnished with a slice of chocolate and a peanut.  Run, don’t walk to Chocolate Pink to try this cupcake!

Check back for my next blog post and I’ll feature the recipe for the winning cupcake, Chocolate Peanut Butter.


2 responses to “Chocolate Pink Cupcake Contest

  1. Beautiful, beautiful! Chocolate Pink is just lovely. I want to eat every single thing in this post, including the headline and possibly the AFBA seal!

  2. I agree Kristina! I’m ready to try them all again too!! You are hilarious and so talented. Thanks for designing our AFBA seal. It looks awesome!!

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