Roasted Salsa Tacqueria Del Sol

Roasting tomatoes and jalapenos give salsa a depth of flavor and a smokey taste that you wouldn’t get otherwise.  This is the last of three salsas from my cooking class at Cooks Warehouse. If you’ve been to Taqueria Del Sol, you know they serve these together as a salsa trio with a basket of warm salted tortilla chips.  Try these at home and make a trip to Taqueria to find out how close you got to the real thing.  You might even like yours better!

Once the tomatoes and jalapenos are roasted, the salsa goes together quickly in a food processor.  It tastes great served a little warm or at room temperature.   Hey, pass the chips!

Roasted Salsa Taqueria Del Sol

2 jalapenos
4 large tomatoes
1/2 bunch cilantro
1/4 yellow onion

In a roasting pan cook jalapenos and tomatoes in a 500 degree oven till charred on the outside. Puree in food processor with cilantro and onion till smooth, adjust flavor with salt.


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