Waffle House Cheese Eggs

Breakfast at Waffle House is as good in the morning as it is late at night.  A lot of people enjoy their waffles, but Cheese Eggs are one of my favorites. They’re creamy and very cheesy as you’ll know why when you make them yourself. Waffle House serves them with tasty raisen toast, grits , and a side of bacon or sausage.  I can’t go there though and skip the hash browns you can get smothered or covered with lots of different toppings.

These eggs are delicious served with Maple-Candied Bacon and I’ll put on my blog tomorrow.  You’re going to want to try this one Mark.

Waffle House Cheese Eggs

2 Eggs
2  Slices American cheese

Here is the REAL “secret” to our cheese eggs. Beat two eggs in a small bowl with a spoon. (Using a fork bruises the eggs). Scramble in a skillet as usual. While the eggs are cooking have two slices of real American cheese melting in a small cast iron skillet. Add the cooked scrambled eggs to the melted cheese. MIx thoroughly with a spoon. Viola…authentic Waffle House cheese eggs…This is the honest way to make them. I know as I have been a Waffle House unit manager for 10 years. Normally I wouldn’t give out the secret for any of our food but all you have to do is sit at the “high counter” and watch-the prep is very simple. These are best served with raisin toast 🙂 (Recipe from The Recipe Link)

**I add the cheese slices to my scrambled eggs as they are cooking and it’s really easy and tastes great to me.


23 responses to “Waffle House Cheese Eggs

  1. Just thgought I would let you know, they don’t fix the cheese eggs at the Waffle House in the Columbia, SC area that way.

  2. Yes they do make them the same in columbia. I worked there for 2 years as a waitress and a grill operator.

  3. I am SAD!!! I am from Florida, and there are no Waffle Houses here! I tried to copy the recipe. But its not the same! HELP me move back to the South!

    • Hey Buck! I’ve been to Waffle House a couple of times lately and sat at the counter so I watched carefully as they made the cheese eggs. They started with a small cast iron skillet and melted two pieces of American cheese in it. In a separate skillet, they scrambled eggs and when they were done, they put them in the small skillet with the cheese and mixed them all together. Try this. Hope it helps until you can get back!!

  4. l like cheese eggs because i have those every day before i go to school.

  5. How much heat do you put on the cast iron skillet to melt the cheese prior to dumping the eggs over them?

    • I would use low-medium heat and watch it closely so that you don’t burn the cheese. It will also continue to melt into the eggs as they are cooking. Hope you like them!

  6. My grandpa, God rest him, made eggs for me this way every time I stayed overnight at my grandparents’ house. The best way to make scrambled eggs ever.

  7. I have always seen the waffle House cooks use cooking oil, American Cheese, Melt it then drop the eggs, scramble them after a few seconds.

    • Darrell,
      I think you are exactly right. I always use a little oil when I’m cooking eggs and I believe they do as well. Thanks for reminding me of that step!

  8. Do I put oil in the skillet iam melting the cheese in so it won’t stick. rick

  9. Thanks Becky it worked out great rick

  10. These eggs look so good! I think I am going to make some right now! I don’t have a cast iron skillet 😦 so could I use a regular pan instead?
    By the way, I love that you respond to every comment. That’s awesome.

    • Did you make the eggs? Don’t let a cast iron skillet hold you back. You can make these in any skillet! Thanks for leaving a comment for me. It’s fun answering back!!

      • Whats the recipe for the raisin toast? I can’t find the link. I’ve never had waffle house but I am definitely going to try the cheesy eggs..sounds yummy!

      • Hi Julia,
        There’s not really a recipe for the raisin toast. I like to butter the toast and broil it until it’s browned a little bit. Cut on the diagonal and serve with the cheese eggs! Waffle House serves the cheese eggs with raisin toast and hashbrowns scattered, smothered, or covered!

  11. How much heat do you use for the eggs ?

    • I would start your pan on medium heat, no higher, and that should work. If it starts to cook too quickly, just turn it down a little. Hope you enjoy them!!

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