Korean Taco Craze Hits Atlanta

My good friend Karen knows all the cool places to eat in Atlanta.  She took me to Hankook Taqueria for the hottest food craze, Korean Tacos!  In Los Angeles where they originated,  Korean BBQ Taco Trucks cruise the streets delivering high quality, low-priced tacos right out of their trucks.  The food is great but what they really owe their success to is  TWITTER. They use TWITTER to blast locations where the taco truck will next appear.   Flash mobs form of up to 600 people at a time in anticipation of their arrival.

Roy Choi is the head chef of Kogi BBQ, which is a combination of  Korean flavors and Mexican cuisine.

So far, the trucks haven’t  made it out of LA, but if you see one around town,  let me know and I’ll tweet about it!

Check out this article from the LA Times to read more:

Korean Taco Trucks


2 responses to “Korean Taco Craze Hits Atlanta

  1. I love korean food

    • I haven’t eaten much Korean food. Have you ever gotten Korean tacos from food trucks? The trucks (including Korean tacos) are parking every Thursday in Midtown Atlanta from 11-2:00 and they’re drawing huge crowds. Everyone loves it except the local restaurants!

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